Promotional Sports Bottle
Promotional Sports Bottle

Pavilion Promotional's Hydration Guide

Your helpful guide to hydration and keeping your workout optimised in the simplest area possible, drinking fluids.


Did you know that 60% of your body is made up of water? About a litre of water can be lost through sweating after exercising for an hour.


This causes severe dehydration of course, which affects your performance in the gym, and therefore, your fitness; it also affects the more important thing, your health.


Water helps to fuel your muscles with a great energy boost. Since your muscle cells themselves are 75% water, a lack of water causes a severe strain on them. With your muscles working without water, you are likely to cause a build up of lactic acid and consequently suffer from cramps.


You are able to tell how dehydrated you are from examining the colour of your own urine. Dehydration is followed by a release of hormone ADH from the pituitary gland and is sent to your kidneys. The kidneys remove less water from your blood when you're dehydrated, causing your urine to be more concentrated, making it a darker colour. The darker yellow your urine is, the more dehydrated you are.

Sports Drinks

There are 3 types of sports drink available on the market, excluding the likes of protein shakes.

1) Hypotonic

2) Hypertonic

3) Isotonic

Each type of sport drink has it's own properties, and should be drunk in accordance to your own specific workout.



- 20 to 40g of sugar per litre.

- Low in carbohydrates and designed to replace the fluids you lose during your workout

- Example is Lucozade Sport Lite.

- Great for dancers and gymnasts.



- 80 to 100g of sugar per litre.

- High in carbohydrates, your body absorbs it more slowly than plain water, but it will give you a boost whilst refueling.

- Examples include fruit juice or Lucozade Energy.

- Great for after larger workouts, such as long distance running.



- 40 to 80g of sugar per litre.

- Moderate amount of carbs, as well as replacing fluids, they work great to topping up your body's carbohydrate stores, which could get low if you work out for more than an hour.

- Examples include drinks like Lucozade Sport and Powerade.

- Great for team sports, post-gym workouts and after middle-long distance running.


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